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ZenBit 104: Volatility...

Volatility is an accumulators best friend. Enough said for today.
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ZenBit 103: The order in which you prioritize...

If you save, the Universe allows you to spend. If you spend, the Universe does not allow you to save. The order in which you prioritize the two will have a paramount impact to the life you live.
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ZenBit 102: Embrace teamwork...

Taking action requires time, energy, and patience. All three are stretched thin in today's world. Embrace teamwork and watch them thicken.
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ZenBit 101: The greatest asset we hold...

The greatest asset we hold when it comes to our financial future is ‘time’. Unfortunately for us, ‘time’ is a depleting asset. This is why if we want to live a better future, beginning tomorrow, we must make up for its depletion through the use of our greatest tool - 'action'.
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